Airush Lithium Core 2018 Kite



Sizes: 5M | 6M | 7M | 8M | 9M | 10M | 12M | 14M | 17M

The World’s Favorite Freeride Kite

  • Extremely versatile freeride kite for riders at any level
  • Incredibly stable with smooth consistent drive
  • Fast and simple to relaunch due to the delta hybrid design

Key Users
Freeride riders of any level looking for a high performance yet easy to use kite.
Wave riders looking for a kite that sits deep in the window, with a constant pull and pivotal turning.

The most premium construction in the Lithium range, the Lithium Core uses the Teijin Technoforce D2 Double Rip Stop Canopy and our exclusive Dyneema Load Frame with WebTech, a combination that making this kite by far the strongest kite Airush have ever designed. For riders who spend countless hours on the water, the Lithium Core construction is ideal.

Key Features

This premium fabric is used in conjunction with the Dyneema Load Frame for the ultimate combination of durability and performance. Ongoing testing has highlighted the lowest stretch and UV stability, along with the highest long-term reliability of any fabric available.

Central to the concept of the load frame are the lightweight Dyneema yarns, where each single yarn can carry almost 40kg of load. These are integrated into the canopy through a reinforced taping that allows them to elongate when under extreme load, absorbing most of the shock that traditionally would have run through the canopy. At the same time, they carry the primary load of the canopy, preventing stretch and increasing long-term performance.

The all-new Airush Dyneema Load Frame featuring Webtech is the key to having the lightest single strut kite on the market and not compromising on durability.
By expanding our exclusive dyneema load frame throughout the areas normally occupied by dacron with webtech, we are able to eliminate this heavy fabric and utilize the dyneema web fibers instead – weighing less without compromising strength.
We achieve all of these weight savings while still using our legendary Technoforce D2 by Teijin and dimension polyant leading edge and strut material.